7 Reasons To Choose SaaS For Your Business

Since the advent of cloud computing, Software as a Service has become a more popular way of delivering software applications to businesses, with 73% of them having cloud-based software. Rather than the traditional ways of installing them on companies’ individual computers, software applications are subscribed to and accessed online via the internet on browsers. This method of software delivery has a whole host of benefits, in terms of versatility and accessibility. Expenditure on SaaS platforms is only going to climb, and the industry is expected to be worth $112 billion by 2019. Below are some of the reasons why SaaS is a better option for obtaining software:


SaaS’ most significant advantage is its low cost. With this delivery model, you need not worry about hefty upfront license fees. SaaS software providers charge monthly or annual fees that cater to the service plus maintenance, upgrades, and customer support. With the right SaaS billing practices, you will save considerable costs in business application needs.


Since the software availed via the SaaS model is hosted on the cloud, you need not go about the repetitive task of installing it on individual business computers or workstations. The same applies when upgrades are required; the software provider caters for all software and hardware upgrades and deploys them to the centrally hosted applications. This way, you get to benefit from using recent versions of your software at any time without the hassle of obtaining the upgrades yourself.

Backup and data recovery options

With traditional software, you would need to install an additional plugin to be able to back up your data regularly. The process of setting up those backups and obtaining them for data recovery can also take a lot of time. With SaaS solutions, your backups are completely automated to ensure you have a safe fallback plan.

Quick to adopt for new employees

SaaS software is accessed via the internet or mobile apps, which makes it easy for you to train your new employees on how to apply them for daily tasks, as most of them are already accustomed to using apps and browsers. Traditionally installed applications might take some time for employees to get the hang of.


SaaS service providers have tiered services that enable you to select the package that suits your business most. You can start with a less expensive package if you are getting your business off the ground, then switch to a more advanced package as your business grows.


Unlike traditional methods that might impose restrictions due to storage space and hardware, with SaaS, you can readily access the software you need with the resources you have. You need not invest in any more hardware to use the software you need. SaaS software is also accessible via desktop and mobile-based browsers so you can access them via your Smartphone or tablet.

Fast setup

Since SaaS software is already configured adequately in the cloud, you can start enjoying the service minutes after you pay your first monthly subscription. The traditional manual installation, on the other hand, is time consuming, cumbersome, and may require you to hire a technician to install it properly.


Provided that you have a stable internet connection, SaaS software is the best option for your business. SaaS provides you with a low-cost solution for all your business needs.


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