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WhatsApp Revamping its Network & Accounts Section With Dedicated Icons

WhatsApp is soon releasing a stable update for it Android app that revamps the setting section—to be specific, the Network Usage and Accounts sections. The update is still available for beta users, and will soon roll out globally in the coming weeks.

The update introduces a redesigned menus with a slightly different layout—including icons, progressive bars, and texture positioning, making the whole experience appealing than before.

Accounts sections
Opening this section reveals that each option now has a dedicated icon which lack in the current stable WhatsApp app. Moreover, tapping on ‘Security’, ‘Change number’, and ‘Two-step verification’ reveals that they have also gained redesigned icons as well.

Network Usage section
Compared to the current WhatsApp app, the new update like we mentioned before introduces icons to match different options. In addition, the way information is displayed on the screen has changed as well. Progressive bars have been introduced — graphically showing how much you’ve sent, and received. For example, media (now has an icon alongside it), graphically (using the progressive bar) shows how much data you have spent to send a media file, and how much you spent when downloading one.

The section also shows the memory usage status with details such as date and time, as well as the total amount of data sent and received.

Notably, in its efforts to fight fake news WhatsApp lowered the forward limit for chats to five contacts or groups. This being among the first updates, the company promises more. Before, WhatsApp allowed users globally to forward messages for up to 20 chats contacts or groups.

The anticipated update is of adding ads to the application.[related-posts]

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