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Tech Tools That Will Help Your Business Stay Organized

When you first started your business, staying organized probably wasn’t too difficult. However, that changes fast as you expand, and before you know it, you feel like things are falling through the cracks.

In today’s world of technology, there’s no need to feel that way. You just have to know which tech tools will enable you to stay organized with the least amount of work.

Whether you’re having trouble keeping track of data or you’re tired of checking emails all day, every day, these tech tools will help you stay organized.

Data Catalog Tools

In a perfect world, everything that is done for your business would be completed on a single platform.

This is far from a perfect world.

There are a lot of great programs out there that can make various aspects of running your business a lot easier, but that also means trying to manage the data separately in all those platforms. Forget about trying to figure out how different data sets relate to each other.

Don’t go mad trying to keep track of everything separately. Instead, keep your website organized with a data catalog.

A professional catalog can help integrate data across multiple platforms so all of your information can be accessed in a single place. This can help you turbocharge marketing efforts, provide employee support, and much more.

Organize Tasks

Knowing what tasks you have to do when you’re a one- or two-person operation isn’t too difficult, but as soon as you have two, three, or more employees, figuring who is doing what and when can be a nightmare, especially if you’re relying on word-of-mouth and emails to get everything done.

Instead, use a program that can keep your tasks organized for you. There are many programs that can help you and your employees work efficiently. Trello is one popular option. This drag-and-drop program allows you to organize boards based on work in progress, who is working on what and more.

Keep Your Finances Organized

Keeping your finances organized is a huge challenge, no matter how small or big your organization. From cataloging purchases to make tax time a lot easier to invoices and payments, it’s extremely important to make sure that you’re able to confidently track where every penny goes.

QuickBooks is a popular option, but there are a lot of finance apps you can try. A few includes:

  • IRS2Go can help you keep track of payments that are sent to the IRS
  • Mint: Money Manager can integrate your bank accounts and come up with automatic calculations
  • Simple Loan Calculator is great for businesses that are paying back loans
  • Venmo is a simple and easy way to send and receive money with the click of a button

Messaging and Communication

Staying in contact with your employees, vendors, and customers is extremely important. That used to mean calling someone on the phone or sending along an email. You can still do things the old-fashioned way, but if you want to make things a little easier, consider a messaging and communication app.

There are many to try, depending on your particular needs. For example, Skype is a great way to place calls, especially if you work with people in other countries. It’s also a good choice if you want to place video calls.

There are many other choices that include WhatsApp, Slack, and more, so make sure you do a little research to see which solution would work best for your business.

Get a Smartwatch

Tech solutions to business problems often involve the latest apps and software, but they can also include technological devices. After all, most business owners today would be lost without their cell phone.

Take things to the next level with a Smartwatch. They can help you stay organized because:

  • You will never miss an important alert
  • They can reduce distractions
  • They make using apps a lot easier

A smartwatch can also make you look a little more professional. It’s a lot easier to be discrete in a meeting by addressing a notification on your smartwatch than it is to pull out your phone and use it in the middle of a presentation.

If you want to stay organized, and you want to do it quickly and efficiently, scrap the planner and give some of the tech ideas on this list a try. It doesn’t matter if you want to say goodbye to email or you’re worried about keeping track of client invoices, the ideas on this list will keep you organized so you can focus on whatever it is you do best.



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