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Today we live in a society where popular culture and changing trends can define our lives far beyond what we expect, and one of example of this is how willing we are to embrace new technology and the way we have adapted the whole idea into our daily lives.

It’s not that many years ago that it would have been inconceivable to think it would be a simple process to message with someone half a world away or access all of your banking details at the touch of a fingertip. Who would have thought that playing a game of live roulette in real time with a real croupier could be accessible whenever and wherever you choose. That is the case when you play live roulette UK.

Reliable WIFI and portable devices have made it easy to complete a multitude of tasks quickly and efficiently, and 2018 could be a very exciting year with the UK leading the way in peer to peer lending. This is one of Europe’s largest alternative finance markets at £4.9 billion (reported by the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.)

2018 should also see the expansion of social media platforms, and with more than 52% of the world’s population not connected to the internet, the users of social media are set to grow even bigger with (not unsurprisingly) Facebook rated number one with 1.8 billion monthly users who are active on their pages. The next most popular site is the photo sharing app Instagram followed by Twitter.

We can also look forward to the gaming industry moving forward with augmented reality and virtual reality to make the experience more comfortable whilst remaining immersive.

In 2018 there are some pretty interesting cultural trends which includes the world’s population reaching a massive 7,597,175,000, with China expected to complete the construction of the largest city in all of human history called Jing-Jin-Ji.

Russia was supposed to be hosting the FIFA World Cup this year for the first time in its history but with what is transpiring in the world today (the expulsion of its diplomats from English soil) we will have to wait to see what transpires.

In entertainment movie lovers should be kept happy anticipating the Star Wars anthology as well as the sequel to Frozen appearing in 2018.

The ‘Avatar’ sequel is also due, and about time too!

We are certainly living in exciting times and 2018 promises to be especially interesting.