YouTube Go, a lightweight version of YouTube for emerging markets expands to 130+ countries

YouTube has announced the expansion of the YouTube Go app to over 130 countries around the world.

YouTube Go is a ‘lite’ version of YouTube tailor-made for use in low bandwidth networks and on low-end hardware. The expansion comes after more than a year of beta availability in India and 14 other Asian and African nations. It is part of the Go series of apps from Google, built to make the best possible use of mobile data. It is also part of Android Go, which is a lite version of Android built to run efficiently on devices with 1 GB RAM.

YouTube Go differs from the standard YouTube app by giving the user a lot more control over how videos are streamed or downloaded. Other than allowing users to download videos for offline viewing, the app also shows a preview of the content so the user can decide whether to watch it or not. Given that there are restrictions on data usage in many developing countries, the app shows the exact amount of bandwidth that would be required for video downloads.

Google also announced that YouTube Go will now offer high-quality streaming and downloads, apart from the basic and standard resolution options.



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