Top 4 Android trends which are worth considering in 2018

Instead of making vague predictions, it’s better to believe in trends. It is vital to observe the subtle trends which help us comprehend the bigger picture and check in which direction things are moving. If you take an insightful analysis from the previous year, there are various stories that can be lined up for the deliberate reason. Taking a close look at the trends in the ecosystem of tech makes it easier for future-gazing. Android is becoming the exploding platform and it is gradually being accepted as the widely used OS. Let’s take a close look at the latest Android news on the few Android themes which you should watch out for in 2018.

#1: Concurrence

It is the best Android story which has been missed by the tech world, the slow arrival style of coming together of Chrome OS and Android, which are 2 different yet complementary platforms with the complementary purposes. This trend has been underway for around 3 years now and till now it has been unnoticed for a long time now. With the brand new launch of Android-reminiscent launcher for Chromebooks, the introduction of Google Assistant on Chrome OS and the introduction of Android apps on Chromebooks. Several signs suggest that Google is preparing for Chrome OS to use fingerprint sensor. Chromebooks are anticipated to get Android-like support for notification replies, multi-tasking capability, a native system and even more.

#2: Security enhancements

One of the hottest topics has always been Android Security and in spite of the fact that majority of the buzz is supposed to be hype, the fear- spurring headlines create a perception of Android being a place where danger is lurking. Company moves over the last 12 months to make it clear that security will keep being a noteworthy focus in the months ahead, particularly when it related to enterprise adoption of Android. Moreover, Android 8.0 Oreo released a large number of enhancements related to security, many of which are designed to keep the foundation for future technologies.

#3: The idea of Google as an ecosystem which is enterprise-friendly

The underlying theme to Google’s massive 2017 hardware push was not just that Google made its own devices. However, underneath the surface, the message was much deeper. The underlying message was that Google was becoming the main thread for the mobile tech vision of the company. So, Google is now the main ecosystem, in other words. By concentrating on Google as the main denominator, the company can exercise increased control on user experience.

#4: Bezel obsession and surface-level distraction

While the interesting stuff is going on, majority of the 3rd party Android manufacturer are offering all sorts of indication that they will concentrate on surface-level qualities to sell off their advices. Just as the obsession over maximum megapixels, excessive thinness and utmost display density during the years in the past, when a company doesn’t control software, it has no interest in offering enhancements oriented to software.

So, hang on tight, dear friends. The Android trends are all set to hit the market in 2018 and you’re all expected to take into account the above-mentioned trends before taking any decision.



Fawad Malik

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