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Google’s 3 Photography Tips For You This Year

Google Photos has over a billion users composed of million’s of monthly active users ever since its launch in 2015. Over time it has received several features that enhance the experience. While there could be more features coming this year, the Mountain View-based internet firm has given some photography tips on how to make the most out of the app this year.

These (tips) come directly from Google Photos’ Software Engineer; Daisy Lu.

1. Suggested Sharing
Lu says that this feature makes sure those people who are in the image shot by you get them easily and quickly. All you have to do is to navigate to the “Sharing” tab and use the personal suggestion option. The tab shows and groups photos based on people inside it and the day when it was captured.

You can review the album before sharing or simply skip to remove that album suggestion.

2. Freeing up Space
One of the most common issues faced by Google Photos users is that they find it difficult to make space in their devices after shooting heavy videos and several images. To solve this issue, they can simply go for the ‘Free up space’ option inside the app.

Although they would need to make sure that the auto backup option is switched on. This feature removes all the images that are backed up on Google Photos, from the device’s camera roll.

3. Easy Organizing of Thousands of Photos
Since users take thousands of photos and videos they would need to keep them easily accessible. Using Google’s Search bar on top inside the app, users can simply search for a specific person, eliminating the wastage of time to scroll through the entire list to search for a single photo.

Notably, we should expect more new features coming to the google photo app this year. Most of them may be introduced in Google I/O 2018, which is scheduled to begin from May 8th.[related-posts]

Written with inputs from Gadgets Now Bureau


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