When a rummy game is lost, you clench your fist in anger and despair wishing you’d avoided that mistake which cost you the game. Success in rummy is dependent on your skills. However, there are other factors too which directly impact your game. Especially, when you play cash rummy you will be affected severely if you fail to take cognizance of these mistakes.

Here’s a round-up of the mistakes you need to avoid to improve your wins in the game.

Mistake #1: Playing high stake tables

Despite having won a couple of cash games never rush to play at high stake tables. These games require expert rummy skills in order to win them. Gradually take up playing high stake tables. The players at these tables are seasoned and are adept at their rummy playing abilities. Winning here is a tough nut to crack. Alternatively, you could play rummy online free and win cash before you play the high stake games.

Mistake #2: Playing multiple tables

Another commonest of all mistakes that enthusiastic rummy players do is playing rummy for cash at multiple tables. Such indulgence will cause you more harm than good. You lose your focus and eventually the games too leading to losses. Hence, until you are reasonably skilled enough do not play multiple tables.

Mistake #3: Know when to drop

Drop is a very thought-out strategy which saves from huge losses especially when you play rummy for real cash. But the million dollar question is when to drop? Successful rummy players have their own tried and tested ways to drop when situations are not favourable. Hence, you need to develop your skills to understand the game, analyze if it is in your favour or not and then decide to drop or continue.

Mistake #4: Never chase losses

If situations are unfavourable and you hit the rough patch with a series of losses at rummy games, then it is your “caution call”. When failure befalls you, take a break from playing rummy for cash. It would be a futile act to chase losses. Relax for a while and refresh yourself. When you come back again it will help you to play remarkably well.

Mistake #5: Be watchful of every move

Rummy is game of concentration and skills. Whether you play the online format or offline games, you need to be watchful of every move your opponents make. The cards discarded by them, the cards they pick from the open deck all give you insights about the kind of meld they might be focusing on. Hence, be cautious and play well.

Mistake #6: Set cash limits

It is always good to keep winning at cash rummy. But, the fact is rummy like any other games will fetch you both wins and failures. Hence, you need to play responsibly in order to shield yourself from extreme losses. The best way would be to set cash limits for the games and bring in a disciplined approach to your play. Rummy sites do offer such feature to help the players play responsibly.


Cash games indeed give you a high. But, do not give in to your temptation; play responsibly and enjoy the games always.