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5 Specifications to Look For in Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers. (Credit: OVH)

Dedicated Servers. (Credit: OVH)

Dedicated servers are a robust solution for many IT projects ranging from applications, software, websites and many others. If you are looking to buy or rent a dedicated server, there are many options to choose from, including the type of operating system, location or configuration. In addition to these basics, we have put together these important factors that you should look for when shopping for dedicated servers.

Quality Hardware
Most importantly, a dedicated server’s performance depends on the hardware. The actual technical aspects of the server should a have a modern, high performance processor along with plenty of RAM. If possible, try to get a dedicated server that has SSD storage rather than Raid storage. The hardware specifications should meet the needs for your project. When signing up for a dedicated server, reconfirm the type of hardware you will receive. It makes a huge difference.

Fast Networking
Secondly, your dedicated server speed will depend on it’s networking. When looking for dedicated server hosting, providers have varying levels of connection speeds. That means, you servers can receive 100 mbps or up to 1 Gbps of networking speed. Usually, the network depends on the type of connection that is used at the data center. Certainly, the networking speed would have an impact on the performance of your server and project.

Stable Uptime
With great hardware and network, you should look for a great uptime guarantee. Usually, hosting providers provide uptime guarantees for their web hosting options. However, they can’t always provide an SLA guarantee for dedicated servers because they are self managed. However, many of them do offer a network guarantee. Which means, if the network is down for a long duration, they could cover the costs on a pro-rated basis. Of course, the best dedicated server providers will stand by a strong guarantee.

Dedicated Support
You should never underestimate the importance of a quality support team. In the event that something goes wrong, you should be able to contact the server provider’s customer service department 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Whether it is a simple software upgrade or major DDoS attack, the right support can save you time and money. Always try to test out the provider’s support team by calling or chatting in to see if they have a high level of service.

Server Pricing
Of course, you should look at pricing when buying a dedicated server. Interestingly, the highest or lowest prices may not be the best option for you. Different providers specialize in benefits in terms of speed, storage, performance and support. Depending on your project needs, you should look at pricing structures based on the features that are most important to you.

When looking for dedicated servers, consider these factors carefully. Your hardware includes the actual server you work on. Meanwhile, the networking, uptime, support and pricing can vary greatly depending upon the provider you choose. When you do find dedicated hosting that meets all your criteria, ask them for a trial or discount as they should be happy to earn your business.

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