Since a large portion of Africa’s population lives in remote and rural areas, receiving power from the grid could still be decades away. Notably, with just approximately 14% of the Ugandan population able to access grid electricity, new off-grid energy solutions have the potential to provide a lot more of the country’s currently marginalized rural population with access to affordable electricity – and in this way, many could get to know what could be happening in the world visually compared to only using a radio.

D.Light; a global leader in solar powered solutions has today launched a 19-Inch solar powered television set dubbed the X850 a.k.a Kabaka wa Solar TV – and comes with an in-built decoder courtesy of UCC (Free to Air Channels) – enabling you to receive over 50 channels. In addition, it also features a VGA cable that allows you to use the set as your own desktop, an HDMI port that allows you to project to the TV from a different PC or a Laptop, and can work for over 10 hours of continuous operation without charge, and on charge, it can go for almost a whole day.

Unlike digital signal reception TV that reduce the reception with capability to work close to the main town centers only, the high-powered TV set features a duo signal capability that enable the customer receive both Analogue and Digital signals – which can work in the most remote areas of Uganda.

Payment Plans
The X850 full kit is available at all D.Light regional and territorial offices at a price of 1.9 million UGX. The kit comes with the TV set with a digital and analog antenna, a solar panel with its all accessories, four bulbs, a torch – backed with a warranty card of 2 years.

The customer can also pay installments, 90,000 UGX for initial deposit to access core products (TV access with credit evaluation over customer life) and 2,000 UGX daily for the next 18 months. The customer gets to receive the TV screen once they establish a good credit history with the company.