Since you’re a designer who’s reading this post, you should be well aware of your fonts. But it is sad enough to note that few of the best designers and typographers can’t simply give a glance at some typeface and tell you about the font that is used or even the family from which the font originates. Though this is not a big deal these days as it is no longer a vital skill for the web developers and designers to possess this skill yet it is definitely frustrating when you have to utilize a specific font for some project and you don’t have any idea about what the font is and which family it hails from.

Thanks to the internet and the advancements in technology on typography and fonts, there are some really awesome tools which can help designers identify and check out the fonts. WhatFontIs is one such tool that you may consider knowing of. Read on to get an idea of what it is.

WhatFontIs – What is it?

The idea behind WhatFontIs is pretty simple as you can easily recognize a font or watch out for an alternative to some specific typeface by utilizing an already existing image of text that is stored on your PC. You are even allowed to link to some image of text on the internet and answer few queries on the image that’s being uploaded. WhatFontIs can also be used to hunt for appropriate fonts and hence it is considered as a vital tool for some type of project which includes typography.

The process of identifying fonts

Firstly, you have to choose an image of some text which you wish to recognize. Upload the image into the system on the website’s homepage in the form that is provided. After clicking on the Browse button, you can find your image and then set options. Select ALL fonts in case you’re trying to find out which font it is. Next, you’ll be greeted by a screen where you will have to type the letters that you show in every image to confirm this to the machine. Once you make sure you fill up all boxes, go to the next step.

Next, you’re done! You will be given the results. Sometimes the actual font that is used in the image of the text might come later on in the list instead of being in the first. The others will be vital suggestions of fonts that you should consider checking out.

A quick review of the steps

Step #1: You’re allowed to upload the screenshot of the specific font after browsing through several other fonts. The tool might show only the free fonts or alternative fonts or commercial fonts.

Step #2: The tool verifies whether or not the characters viewed by WhatFontIs have any match with the image uploaded, which you require inputting in the box which lie next to the characters displayed.

Step #3: Recognizes the font on your behalf. In case the tool is not able to find out the perfect match, it will offer you several other alternatives through which you can scroll and choose the one which you think resembles the font in the best possible way.

So, there you go! WhatFontIs is definitely one of the most useful tools that should be bookmarked in the portfolio of web designers. The system of WhatFontIs has neat features like shortcuts in keyboard and few other ways of streamlining your search. If you use Chrome and Firefox, you could leverage the extensions to save your time. Upgrading to the premium account could offer you better support.