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WhatsApp Storage Usage Gets Granular Control on Android Beta

WhatsApp’s Storage Usage screen is a handy tool to see which individual/group chat is hoarding the most storage space, and to delete the content of that chat in order to make room during storage constraints.

Earlier, the Storage Usage screen only let you see the WhatsApp groups/chat that used up most space, and then you had to go back to the chat window to clear specific chats. But this January, it introduced granular control over its individual and group chats on iOS letting them clear messages right from the Storage Usage screen itself. However, this granular control feature was exclusive to iOS, and has been missing in Android still. But now, the feature has been spotted in beta, hinting at its imminent arrival on Android as well.

With granular control in Storage Usage, WhatsApp now lets you choose message types, like videos, text, images, GIFs, voice messages from specific chats, to delete exactly what you want and keep the rest.

To use this feature on Android, you need to be on the latest beta. Head to Settings >> Storage Usage on your Android beta app and clear all the unwanted space-hoarding files easily.

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Once you select the chat you want to clear, there will be a ‘Manage messages’ option at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it will let you select the content that you want to delete, for example, you can choose to delete all GIFs and videos from a specific chat to free up space, or just delete all the text messages and let the other content remain.[related-posts]

credit review: Gadgets 360


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