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‘Traffica’ App For Android Users Launched – Promises to Fight Traffic in Kampala

Earlier this year, the Ugandan Police announced it was seeking 7 billion UGX (roughly USD$ 2 million) in the 2017/2018 financial year to develop a mobile phone app that will track down motorists who commit traffic offences and defaulters on paying fines under the express penalty scheme. For one thing we might be sure of, is whether this project is still on going at the moment.

Rogers Muhirwa; the undersecretary at the Uganda police in a press statement said that the application would also receive all data relating to a particular vehicles from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) once the vehicle registration number is entered in.

All in the name of fighting traffic, fighting crime on roads, bringing peace, and so forth – Great Minds, developers behind the ‘Traffic App‘ on Friday evening launched their android application where by all road users will be able to share and know real time traffic updates so as to get around Kampala easily. The announcement was made on their official Twitter account.

A few users who downloaded application, reported issues with signing up. However, the developers of the app, in a reply to the tweet said the registration failure might be due to internet connections.

The application has been designed to support two languages; English and Luganda – with developers saying they are yet to add more languages. And on registration, users will need to enter a; username of their choice, valid email address, and gender.

In general, the app relies on users on sharing real-time traffic updates. It features Traffic Posts; where users are able to view, search, comment about traffic updates, and also offers a tip platform helping users on road safety to car care and maintenance.

However, the question that ‘I might’ ask, is whether it will be safe for one to use the app while driving. Because it’s highly not recommended to use their phone while driving.[related-posts]

Editor’s Note: The app is still available to Android platforms, thus iOS users ought to wait. To download the app for Android, FOLLOW THE LINK.

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