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TrendingshoW Offering Ugandans Mobile-Based on-Demand TV

Ugandan startup TrendingshoW is providing on-demand local television content to viewers via their mobile devices, enabling them to create their own programme lineups, set alarms for shows, and record content for later viewing.

Launched as an independent company earlier this year, TrendingshoW also has a focus on big data analytics, allowing TV stations to manage user engagements and receive analytical reports on users and how best to approach them.

Once a user has downloaded the TrendingshoW application, currently available on Android, they are able to select from a variety of TV shows from different stations. They can be watched, shared and reviewed, while the user can also set a reminder for when the show is about to air.

All the feedback provided by users reaches the registered TV stations in real-time, providing valuable information about viewers.

Founder Kiyini John Paddy told Disrupt Africa the startup had noted the lack of on-demand TV content available in Africa, coupled with the growth in smartphone users on the continent. Users have found the platform attractive.

“We are seeing a growing number of individuals that prefer a premium payment of the service as compared to the free smart-ads accounts we provide for first time users. Currently we have more than 500 registered users,” he said.

The startup, which makes money not only from these premium accounts but also from on-screen and in-video advertising, as well as selling the data collected via the platform, has already secured USD$25,000 in funding, but Paddy is looking for more and he plots expansion.

“We have plans of expanding to the East and West African regions. Given the opportunities we got during the RISE conference, we are also keenly looking into the Asian and South Pacific expansions,” he said.[related-posts]

source: Disrupt Africa

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