iRise Tech-Innovation Hub first of its kind in Somalia. (Photo Courtesy: Quartz)

Pan-Africkan innovation hub network; AfriLabs has been working through tech hubs to build an innovation infrastructure that encourages the growth of Africa’s knowledge economy by supporting the development of start-ups, technology, and innovation, fostering partnerships between tech hubs across the different regions and promoting opportunities that the hubs and their communities can benefit from.

On June 1st, this year, the pan-hub added 11 hubs including Uganda’s own – The Innovation Village, to its pan network. According to new reports, the tech networking and acceleration association has officially welcomed 7 other new hubs including iRise; the first ever incubation hub in Somalia that had just recently opened up, expanding its network to 67 tech and innovation hubs across more than 27 African countries with over 50,000 community members.

Below are the new added incubation hubs;

  1. GE Garage, Nigeria.
  2. Ecolia Labs, Cameroon.
  3. Kumasi Hive.
  4. iRise Hub, Somalia.
  5. aLabs, Sierra Leone.
  6. CTID (Centre de Technologie, d’Innovation pour le Developement) Djibouti.
  7. Centre d’innovation de Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In a press statement, AfriLabs Executive Director; Anna Ekeledo, said, they are beyond ecstatic about AfriLabs expanding its network.

“We look forward to carrying out more projects with our partners and members across Africa to support these hubs and the startups, entrepreneurs and innovators in their communities achieve even greater impact,” she said.