According to several reports, Google is currently in talks with HTC in order to buy its smartphone business.

A Taiwanese media outlet Commercial Times reported that Google and HTC have been talking for quite some time and it seems like that Google will soon acquire HTC’s smartphone division. However, the news has still not been made public and it’s still not known how much Google may buy HTC for.

Currently, Google and HTC have a reasonably good relationship. Not only did HTC build one of the first Android phones on the market, it also created the first Google Nexus device, along with manufacturing last year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Rumours around the Pixel 2 also suggest that HTC is involved with its production.

Google has previous experience in the smartphone business; in 2011, it acquired the Motorola brand, then sold off its mobile arm in 2014 to Chinese OEM Lenovo. But Google is now in a far better position to buy and run a technology manufacturer like HTC now than it was back in 2011.