Afrilabs Annual Gatherings
Afrilabs Annual Gatherings. (Photo Credit: Afrilabs)

AfriLabs has now announced the 2017 Annual Gathering will join forces with Hivos’ CoWorking Summit – an annual event which encourages founders and managers of coworking spaces to share experiences and create new partnerships.

The joint event will take the theme “Future of Cities: Innovation, Spaces and Collaboration”, and aims to provide more opportunities for the different members of both networks to exchange knowledge, network, build collaborative relationships and share resources.

A number of local partners will also be involved in the organisation of the expanded event, including Cairo-based tech hub District, cities-focused portal Progrss, the French University in Sherouk City, and the American University of Cairo (AUC).

“We are very excited about this strategic partnership between all parties – first of, District and Progrss graciously hosting the African innovation ecosystem in their great city, Cairo, and then Hivos who will be bringing their amazing network of collaborative spaces with our network of innovation labs to co-run a three day conference full of exciting activities and discussions which will form the foundation of relationships forged, ecosystem collaborations and innovative solutions which will be implemented on the continent for urban, economic and social development,” said Anna Ekeledo, executive director of AfriLabs

The partners expect the joint event to attract the attendance of Egyptian government representatives, 80 technology and innovation hubs and collaborative spaces from 35 countries, and over 250 African entrepreneurs and creatives.

“We are very excited about the prospects of bringing our networks and resources together along with AfriLabs to co-organize our annual gatherings. Observing the diversity of participants and different partners coming together to be part of this event from both networks is mouth watering. We can’t wait to see what collaborations and exciting ideas will come out of it”, said Ahmed Sameh, project manager at Hivos.

Registration is available here.

source: Disrupt Africa