(Photo Courtesy: Socialh)
(Photo Courtesy: Socialh)

Federal Government of Somalia is in the final process of storing software equipment meant to control or limit social media for security.

Exclusive source told Radio Dalsan that the equipment was tested on the early days of Monday and it has proved its efficiency.

According to the source, S/he confirmed to the radio station that there was 20 minutes Internet blackout in the country as the result of the trial process.

The move comes days after Prime Minister Kheyre government experienced hash comments from Somali social media users mainly on Twitter and Facebook following civilians’casualties of Barire after military operation.

Somali net services is largely under control of the private sector since the collapse of the central government in early 1990s.

Early last month, the country suffered an internet blackout that lasted for more than three weeks, costing the nation an estimated of USD$10m (roughly 36 Billion UGX) a day. According to reports, the outage was caused by a ship severing an undersea fiber optic cable connecting the country to global data networks.

source: Dalsan Radio (Mogadishu)