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Live Videos Now a Dedicated Spot For Twitter

It’s no secret that Twitter has been looking at live videos as one of the ways to drive engagement on its website and gain new users – and it may have just found the best way to present the live streams to millions.

Twitter is testing a dedicated spot for live streams on its desktop homepage. The move could help Twitter fix one of the biggest challenges it faces with its live streams: most people have no idea Twitter has live streams.

Later before, Twitter COO Anthony Noto expressed that the company had recently included live videos under the Explore tab on its website, and has been dabbling with the idea of using push notifications and direct messages to let people know when a video stream goes live.

Twitter broadcast over 800 hours of live videos during the first quarter of 2017, and it has a strong reason to believe that live videos can help the company drive engagement.

Live videos have garnered interest of many tech giants, including the likes of Facebook and YouTube. Both the companies have inked deals with creators and publications to produce more live streaming content.

So has Twitter, which is increasingly reminding people that it is the first place where most of the world events get talked about in real time.

In April, Twitter announced it is partnering with news network Bloomberg. As part of the deal, Bloomberg will stream news on Twitter round-the-clock.

The company has also partnered with outlets such as BBC, The Verge, and Mashable for live streaming various events.[related-posts]

With the latest move, which is still just a test, Twitter is looking to give live videos a more prominent placement in the hope of increased reach.

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