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Apple’s iOS 11 to Restrict Logging Into Third-Party Apps Using Facebook

For what we ought to know, US-based Menlo Park-based social networking firm, Facebook Inc. for its existence – has made it easier for its users to log into third-party apps via its platform. However, this now ends for Apple users. According to IANS, the Cupertino-based tech firm; Apple Inc. has introduced a feature in its newest iOS; iOS 11 that will prevent Facebook users into logging in to third-party apps using a social media account.

IANS reported that Apple announced this subtle change to the system settings at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose on Monday.

According to The Verge, without system-level integration, iOS may fall back on the mobile web.

“Log into Facebook once in mobile Safari and when you go to log in to a third-party app using a social network, it should be able to remember you. But that approach lacks the certainty and ease of setup, that system-level integrations afforded,” the website noted.

Apple might replace its system-level social account feature with a password autofill feature.

Software engineer at Apple, Ricky Mondello tweeted: “I’m thrilled to introduce Password AutoFill for Apps. If your app has a login screen, I have information for you.”

Notably, Tim Cook launched iOS 11 with over 10 new features.

He said, “iOS 10 had nearly 96% satisfaction with 86% iPhone users installing the update as compared to only seven percent Android users who installed Android Nougat — the latest version of Google ‘s operating system.”


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