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Vodafone Uganda Expanding its Coverage to Areas in Mukono

A man pictured passing by a Vodafone Logo. (Photo Courtesy)

A man pictured passing by a Vodafone Logo. (Photo Courtesy)

Telecom firm; Vodafone Uganda, is expanding their footprint further than the greater areas of Kampala and Entebbe.

Being the latest entrant in the Telecom market, as well as one of the leading 4G ISP’s in Uganda with its mission to be admired for empowering everybody by keeping them confidently connected, the firm will be launching a Vodafone signal site in Mukono on Tuesday 9th May, 2017.

In March, the telecom company expanded to other five sites still within Kampala; Bakuli, Ben Kiwanuka, Bulange, Makerere Hill Road, and Kireka Kamuli 2 and confirmed it had consolidated its network in these areas – with plans of expanding further.

The expansion of these sites makes Vodafone Uganda stay in the competition of having the biggest customer base. Currently, MTN Uganda has the largest customer base with over 9.9 million subscribers as of 30th June, 2016 while Airtel Uganda is the second-largest mobile network provider in the country, with an estimated 7 million subscribers as of November, 2014.

For Vodafone to keep up with the pace, they have to expand countrywide; which the firm is doing gradually. The firm has received multiple complaints as to why its coverage is limited, which makes them lose out on having customers.[related-posts]

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