Image Credit: ibtimes
Image Credit: ibtimes

Micro-blogging web platform; Twitter Inc. on Wednesday launched a customisable Direct Message Card that businesses can use to promote and share bots and other customer experiences in Direct Messages aiming at helping businesses drive discovery of such experiences – both through Promoted Tweets and organic sharing.

“Twitter is the best place for customers to reach brands in real-time and with today’s launch, businesses can expand and deepen their engagement with customers by leading them straight to customised Direct Message experiences,” Arvinder Gujral; Senior Director, Business Development at Twitter Asia Pacific, said in a statement.

Using a Direct Message Card, businesses can capture people’s attention with engaging image or video creatives and include up to four fully customisable call-to-action buttons.

Several brands around the world are launching Promoted Tweet campaigns using the Direct Message Card this week.

“Patron Tequila, a leading spirits brands, is using the Direct Message Card to entice people to engage with their messaging bot – Bot-Tender – which creates personalized cocktail recommendations based on responses to questions around occasion, flavour and even emoji,” the company added.

source: IANS