Andela Developers. Image Credit: Nairaland Forum
Some of the Andela Developers pictured working on their startups. (Image Credit: Nairaland Forum)

Andela, a global engineering organization that helps technology companies build high-performing engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers, is announcing its launch in Uganda becoming its third African market.

Andela aims to bridge this talent gap by connecting Africa’s most talented developers with the companies looking for them. As the global technology market continues to grow at a rapid pace, companies are looking outside of local markets to find top development talent. According to reports, there will be 1.3 million software development jobs created in the next ten years and only 400,000 domestic computer science graduates to fill them.

In order to expand access to Andela Developers, Andela launching in Uganda is to identify and develop Kampala’s most talented programmers and problem solvers into the next generation of technology leaders.

“The Kampala tech scene is vibrant, growing, and full of entrepreneurial spirit and untapped potential, and Andela is excited to support and contribute to the growth of the Ugandan tech ecosystem by providing a hub for brilliant minds to learn and collaborate, Andela Chief Strategy Officer; Wambui Kinya said in a press statement.”

Andela’s first recruitment cycle in Kampala in May yielded over 800 applicants, from which eight developers were accepted to form the first-ever Uganda cohort.

Andela decided to launch in Uganda after two years of collecting and analyzing a variety of data points on technology ecosystems across Africa. With 70% of its population below the age of 25 — the second youngest country in the world — Uganda represents a massive opportunity for Andela to equip the next generation of technologists and innovators in Kampala with the expertise they need to accelerate the advancement of their local communities through technology.

“The response we’ve received from the tech community in Uganda over the past year has been overwhelming and has made it clear why Uganda is a natural next step on our path to unlocking the potential of thousands of world-class developers across the continent, Andela Co-Founder and CEO; Jeremy Johnson said in a press statement.”

Founded in 2014, Andela has raised USD$40M in venture funding from investors including Mark Zuckerberg’s Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Spark Capital. With more than 80 current company partners and growing demand, Andela is on track to nearly double its base of elite, Africa-based software developers by the end of the year.