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Ways To Make Your Country Home More Smart And Secure

If you have a home or business just outside of the city limits, safety is likely your number one priority. Because you not only want to protect your family and assets from theft, you want to make sure keeping your family secure is done easily. While you can’t be home all of the time, technology can help.

Here are a few ways that you can turn your castle into a smart home and create a more secure environment.

Smart Home Hub
Your home is your safe haven and your place of entertainment, so it should work at its best for you. This starts with creating a smart home hub that has access to:

  1. Home security.
  2. Lighting control.
  3. Front gate monitoring.
  4. Property surveillance.
  5. Thermostat monitoring and temperature control.
  6. Water, carbon monoxide and fire sensor alerts.
  7. Glass break sensors.

Accessing your front gate controller and entire property from any location is easy when all of your home’s safety products are connected to one portal.

If you live in an older countryside home, you may not think that smart technology is easy to install and use. The reality is that internet access is more widely available and many homes ten years and older are advancing to a more technological-based home security system every day. One way to get started with securing your front gate operator area or garage is to enhance lighting. Installing a smart lighting system at your gate entryway and around your property makes it easy to see what’s happening at night. Connect to a wireless lighting system to control lighting at the push of a button or from your smartphone.

Gate Security
Gate security is an important tool for any rural home. A gate controller that is tied into an advanced internet portal allows you to see who is trying to access your driveway from your smartphone. This easily puts you in touch with your home’s security company who can contact you or law enforcement immediately. As technology advances, you can gain more control setting up a secure perimeter around your property and monitoring who is coming and going.

Solar Technology
Consider conserving energy by installing a solar powered lighting system to your home’s security gate system and smart hub. Devices powered by solar can generally be integrated with many electronic security and wireless products. While solar power is still gaining strength in the tech world, it’s estimated that 15 percent of U.S. households are leaning toward converting to solar panels this year to power their homes.

Closed-circuit cameras and video surveillance is an important tool in home security systems. Having cameras that detect motion and monitor your gate operators and garage access areas is vital to give you peace of mind. Doorbell cameras are also an innovative tool that you can use in your old or new country home. Security pros can easily install a camera that notifies you remotely who is standing on your doorstep.

New trends in security and home technology are constantly advancing every day. Staying in touch with your rural home via the web or a smartphone app gives you peace of mind while you’re away. Contact us today for all of your gate security and home automation needs.


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