Image Credit: TheNextWeb
Image Credit: TheNextWeb

Each day that comes by, Facebook continues to secure its space as the new internet giant. Four out of the five most downloaded apps across the globe during the last quarter belonged to Facebook.

Research by app analytics firm Sensor Tower reveals that WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat were the most downloaded apps for the first three months of this year.

It was the same across the different App Stores, with Facebook owning four out of the top five spots for the most downloaded apps worldwide.

In the App Store, Messenger topped the  download charts, while on Google Play it was Facebook.

When it comes to revenue, video and audio streaming apps dominated the charts, with the highest grossing app for the first quarter of 2017 being Netflix.

Netflix’s revenue grew a staggering 286 percent from $34.6 million to $133 million globally.