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Comparison: Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox – on Battery Life, Edge Claims the Lead

Microsoft showing off the battery life offered by its Edge browser in comparison with Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, ‘battle still continues’. Last time PC Tech reported, Microsoft claimed that the Chrome browser is draining your battery, since then, Google updated its browser and made its own claims about the prolonged battery life.

In new claims, Microsoft says that the Windows 10 Creators Update has also brought along improved battery life to its browser, which puts it ahead of its competitors.

In a YouTube video released by the software Redmond-based firm, shows a comparison test that was carried out between the three browsers; Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

According to the results shared by the company, Mozilla Firefox ran out first with a battery life of 7 hours 4 minutes, Chrome comes second with a battery life of 9 hours and 17 minutes, while Microsoft’s Edge took the lead, having a battery life of 12 hours and 31 minutes.

“According to our tests on the Windows 10 Creators Update – based on an open-source test which simulates typical browsing activities across multiple tabs – Microsoft Edge uses up to 31% less power than Google Chrome, and up to 44% less than Mozilla Firefox,” Microsoft writes in its Blog Post.[related-posts]

Microsoft says that it doesn’t want to just show off the capabilities of its browsers but “also want to be a part of a constructive dialogue that improves the entire Web.” The company has shared the methodology documents in order for the competition to check out their claims.

The full methodology of the experiment: Full Methodology (Click Here)

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