Are You Using These Productivity-Boosting Tools?

In the world of business, everything is time-critical. With tight deadlines and quick turnarounds required, how you spend your time becomes vital. Sometimes you don’t even realize it but you have drifted into a mode of low productivity. Maybe you get distractions such as emails and phone calls or even worse, you find yourself checking social media and other time-consuming activities that take you off track.

Being productive can be put down to your mindset, so making sure that your mind is set up to be able to be productive is really important. If you are too busy thinking about other tasks or worrying about getting everything done on time, you will be losing critical time. Force yourself into a positive mindset and you will see that you can get a lot more done.

Mindset is one important factor that influences your productivity and another key one is the tools that you use. If you are using antiquated systems, PCs that take ages to load etc. you are losing big chunks of time every day. Can you really afford to wait for your PC to boot up for ten minutes every day? Investing in updated equipment could help you to become much more productive with your time, so weigh up the options and if you have to spend some money, so be it. You will no doubt get your money back over the long-term with the extra work that you can do in those 20 minutes of each day; that equates to 100 minutes each week and 5200 minutes each years – that’s nearly 90 hours of work each year!!

Your tools are vital and there are some great apps and online tools that you can use to make your day more productive. Ever wondered where all of your time is going? Try the app TimeRescue to analyze what your time is being spent on and identify what you need to eliminate to be more productive.

If you are frequently working on projects with multiple people, you could use project management apps like Trello or Basecamp. This is a much more time efficient way than sending emails back and forth. You could save yourself some serious time by using project management apps to change the way you work with people.

Do you use social media to market your business? Have you found that it is taking ages to log into the various platforms and accounts to publish posts or add content? You should try using Hootsuite or Buffer to quickly manage all of your accounts from one single platform.

For finance management, you could use apps like Wave for producing invoices or Mint to have one single summary of all of your finances. So whether you want to check on your term loans with LendGenius or your credit cards any other company, you can optimize your business loan ROI using Mint.com.

There are so many great tools that you can use to boost your productivity, so start downloading and trying them and see how much more you can get done.


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