New Update in Gmail Let’s You Video Stream Attachments Before Downloading

Early this week, Google updated its Gmail Android app – giving users the ability to Send Money easily using the Google Wallet via the Attachment option. This feature first appeared on the web platform before coming to its mobile app as well. In new reports, the company has rolled out a new update to its Gmail Web; a nifty ability for users to stream video attachments before they choose to download them.

“Previously, in order to view a video attachment in Gmail, you would have to download it to your computer and open it with a media player. Starting today, when opening an email with video attachments, you will see a thumbnail of the video and have the ability to stream it, right from inside Gmail,” Google writes in a blog post.

According to the company, the feature uses the same Google infrastructure that powers YouTube, Google Drive, and other video streaming apps.

The video will be delivered at optimal quality and availability, and will show up as a small thumbnail with an image from one of the frames of the video file.[related-posts]

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