Google Reportedly Said to be Working on a Larger Smartphone than the Pixel’s Dubbed ‘Taimen’

Google who recently confirmed that it is working on the successors of the Pixel and Pixel XL devices code-naming them – Muskie and Walleye for Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 respectively, there’s a new separate report that has it that the firm is working on a third device; code-named Taimen – which is said to be much larger than the Pixel smartphones.

Android Police cites its internal source to claim that Taimen could be a phone, but the surety of this is very little because the Taimen device could be a tablet as well, or could be large Pixel-branded phone. Alternatively, it wouldn’t sport Pixel branding at all be a completely different device with a unique branding of its own.

Online reports claim that the device is to launch later this year. However, there is little else that is known about the device.[related-posts]

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