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Is your website fast? Here is how you can improve the speed

If you did not know, Google started taking site speed into account as one of the factors for deciding search result listings.

This means a change in the ranking of your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.

It has also been noted that websites that load faster make money faster.

Listed here are some tips on how you can speed up your website.

Use Smaller Images

Text content loads very fast on most of the websites. If the images placed on your website are each a megabyte or more, you will experience longer website load times. Try and make sure all website images are less than 500 kilo bytes.

Get Faster Servers

The server hosting your website can greatly determine the speed of your website. Shared hosting plans usually do not deliver content on your website very fast. If you afford a better hosting plan, go for a dedicated virtual private server.

Test website speed across various tools

A number of tools are available to help you get the speed of your website. Some tools like the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool will also give you recommendations on the areas which need improving. Other tools include:

There are more tools available, though some come at a cost.

Remove Redirects

Redirects trigger an additional HTTP request and add latency. Limit them as much as possible and only include them when it cant be avoided.

Make landing Page Redirects Cacheable

Most websites have mobile pages that redirected to a different URL. Making this redirect cacheable can helps to speed up the page load time when visitors come to the site the next time.



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