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Uganda Ranked 7th Top Internet Using Country in Africa

American Business Magazine Forbes has ranked Uganda as the 7th top internet Using Country on the African continent.

Uganda has an internet penetration rate of 28.6 % with just 11,924,927 people having access to the internet out of the 41,652,938 total estimated population.

Uganda’s internet users according to Forbes, constitute 3.6% of the Africa’s total internet usage.

The rank places Uganda in the second position in East Africa, after Kenya which is ranked third.

Kenya has an internet penetration rate of 66% with 31,985,048 of the country’s 48,466,928 total population having access to internet.

This leads Kenya to contribute 9.5% of the continents total internet usage and thus making it Africa’s 3rd highest internet using country.[related-posts]

Nigeria tops the list with internet penetration rate of 47.9%.

With a total population of 191,835,936, 91,880,032 Nigerians have access to the internet. It constitutes 27.4% of the continents total internet usage

According to Internet World Stats, Africa makes up 9.1% of the global total internet usage.

This meager percentage is due to a number of challenges including Cost, scalability, power outages and education, economical and sociological barriers.

Out of an estimated 1,246,504,865 people living in Africa, just 335,453,374 have access to the internet. This leaves Africa with a 26.9% penetration rate according to Internet World Stats.

Top 7 Internet Using Countries in Africa

  1. Nigeria – 47.9% penetration – Constitutes 27.4% Continental Usage.
  2. Egypt – 36.5% penetration – 10.4% Continental Usage.
  3. Kenya – 66% penetration – 9.5% Continental Usage.
  4. South Africa – 51.6 penetration – 8.5% Continental Usage.
  5. Morocco – 57.3% penetration – 4.5% Continental Usage.
  6. Algeria – 36.5% penetration – 4.5% Continental Usage.
  7. Uganda – 28.6% Penetration – 3.6 Continental Usage.


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