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Vivaldi Browser Version v1.7 Packs in Built-In Screenshots Options, Improved Sound Control, and more

Last year, Vivaldi Technologies announced the Tab Notifications feature to it’s Vivaldi web browser, that let the users know which of their tabs have new content in them.

The Tab notifications notifies you about the changes happening in both pinned or regular tabs. This works particularly well on messaging and social media websites where Vivaldi counts the numbers disclosed in the page title and highlights them as an overlay icon on the tab.

The company on Tuesday this week, released a newer version v1.7 for it’s most feature-rich modern browser, and comes packed in with new features including; introduction of built-in screenshot options, history side panel, improved sound control for tabs and further enhancements.

Seize the moment with built-in screenshots
Screenshots have become an important communication tool, and Vivaldi makes it easy to capture what’s on the screen – right from the browser window. The new screenshot feature lets users save and share entire webpages, even outside of the currently visible area, as they browse. It also allows taking a screenshot of a selection, including the user interface of the browser itself.

One way of taking a screenshot from Vivaldi is by using the new camera icon from the status bar. Clicking on the icon opens a small pop-up window that shows the options for capturing a website or a selected area. This functionality is also accessible from the Tools menu, as well as through mapped keyboard shortcuts or quick commands.

Another addition to the screenshots functionality is in the Notes panel. Notes, located in the Side Panel, let users annotate webpages and save screenshots for their records. Now it is also possible to capture selected areas of websites and add them to Notes.

In addition to being able to save the screenshot in the JPEG or PNG file formats, Vivaldi allows copying the captured image to the clipboard. This feature, frequently requested by Vivaldi users, makes it easier to share screenshots by simply pasting them into an application of choice

Multiple options for keyboard fans
The Vivaldi browser focuses on giving its users multiple ways of accessing its features, and screenshots are no exception. The latest release also includes the option to map keyboard shortcuts or use quick commands. The shortcuts can now be mapped in the Keyboard Settings, where users can assign key combinations of their choice.

Better sound control for tabs
Vivaldi’s popular sound control feature, dubbed by users and media as “Silent Tabs For Users”, has been improved further. The feature helps identify background tabs that play advertisements, videos or other multimedia content, and stop the unwanted noise with one simple click.

Vivaldi now makes it possible to mute/unmute all tabs at once – and without the need to look for the tab that is causing the noise. This could be particularly helpful for people who like to browse with many tabs open.

In a press statement, Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies, said; “We believe in empowering our users to help them create unique and seamless browsing experiences.” 

The newer Vivaldi v1.7 browser is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux download or you can simply update your browser in case you already have one.

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