Seems search-internet giants; Google Corp. is making serious changes to all its platforms this year, from new updates on its YouTube platform that allows Android and iOS users to rewind and forward videos, to  shutting down older versions of many of its G Suite apps for smartphones starting April 3, to integrating progressive web apps deeply into android, and so forth.

According to reports by Android Police, Google is soon phasing out its Google Now Launcher also known as GNL from Play Store effective March 1st.

However, Google says it will continue to support the launcher, but users won’t be in position to download and install the launcher from the Play Store.

According to an email obtained by Android Police, the company mentions that, “it will continue to support existing users of the Google Now Launcher by updating the Google Search App.”

The phasing out of the GNL, lets the company make its Pixel Launcher available for other devices as well which is still limited to Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones the company launched last year.