Pakistan is One of the World’s Fastest-Growing Internet Markets

According to sources from TECHINASIA, there are over one million people coming online via their phones every month in Pakistan.

According to numbers that have been put together by Hootsuite and We Are Social show that the total number of internet users in Pakistan currently stands at 35.1 million out of the 194.8 million population the country has.

As you might know Pakistan is the fourth-largest country on the Asian continent – behind China with 1.357 billion (2013), India with 1.252 billion (2013), and Indonesia with 249.9 million (2013) according to the World Bank.

The presentation further stated that internet users in Pakistan swelled by 20 percent in January 2016 with active social media users growing even more rapidly – registering growth of 35%.

On the other hand of mobiles, the overwhelming majority of web traffic is via mobile shows mobile phones account for 70%, PC and Laptops account for 27%, and finally Tablet devices accounted for 3%.

According to the study done by The Express Tribune New Paper in 2015, it was estimated that the countries mobile phone market was worth around US$840 million. But this figure only accounts for phones imported via legal channels. A substantial amount – especially high-end models – are brought into the country through the grey market.

source: TECHINASIA, Hootsuite, and We Are Social


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