Uber slashes UberX fares in Kampala as more competition enters market

Uber has slashed its UberX fares in Kampala as of February 9th as many other competitors like Fone Taxis, Friendship Taxis look to gain ground in the ride hailing business in the city.

Uber made the announcement on their website stating that they want to make sure that uberX is one of the most affordable ways to get around in Kampala. Uber claims that the increased demand will offset the lower prices and that drivers will make more money.

A large part of Uber’s success can be attributed to its emphasis on balancing supply and demand. While some competing apps struggle to have enough drivers or riders, Uber aims to optimize its pricing so that there is always a driver or passenger available for pickup.

The New UberX Rates

Old uberX New uberX
Base UGX 1,300 UGX 1,100
Per Minute UGX 200 UGX 150
Per KM UGX 900 UGX 750
Cancellation UGX 5,000 UGX 3,000
Minimum UGX 5,000 UGX 3,000

Further Comparison

Old uberX New uberX
Acacia avenue to Luthuli Avenue UGX 6,900 UGX 5,000
City Square to Ntinda UGX 10,600 UGX 8,000
Kiwatule to Acacia Avenue UGX 10,500 UGX 8,000

Earlier this month, Uber introduced ‘Upfront Fares’ where you enter your pickup and drop-off locations, and the feature will show you the price for that trip. Upfront fares are calculated using the expected time and distance of the trip, traffic conditions, as well as the availability of driver-partners. This way, you can always decide what works for you and your budget.


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