Vine-App. Image Credit: Digital Trends
Vine-App. Image Credit: Digital Trends

Micro-blogging website; Twitter Inc. last year in October announced it would be shutting down it video-sharing app Vine as a cost-cutting measure. There were reports that the company was considering on selling the service instead of discontinuation. However, Twitter went ahead to announce earlier this month that it will be converting the app into Vine Camera on January 17.

On Tuesday, the company turned its Vine app into a pared-down Vine camera app, which can now be downloaded from App Store and Google Play, or simply update your Vine app to version v6.0. Twitter confirmed to TechCrunch that eventually if you don’t update to Vine Camera, the app will stop working and you won’t have any functionality. For now you can still open the old Vine app where you can view your old feed and profile, and download your videos if you wanted.

According to tech-website; TechCrunch, Twitter is now converting all videos under 6.5 seconds, irrespective of the platform that they are shared from, into looping clips. This means that the social media platform won’t be limiting the functionality to clips shared from Vine Camera app and will work for other platforms.

Using the Vine Camera App
The App lets users shoot their six-second looping video that can be edited with tools such as; multi-clip trimming, grid overlay, AF focus, ghost tool, draft support, and later shared on Twitter as tweets – which is turned on by default.

Notably, Soundboard, Snap-To-Beat or Featured Track soundtracking tools are no longer supported.