Researchers at Stanford University create “self-extinguishing” lithium-ion battery

Researchers at Stanford University have found a way to make lithium-ion batteries inherently safer. Published in the journal Science Advances, the team of researchers have created batteries which self-extinguish if the battery catches fire, and it works in as little as 0.4 seconds with a clever chemical reaction.

Lithium-ion batteries power many devices but are a known fire hazard. Ask Samsung.

To make the batteries self-extinguish, the researchers have added a protective polymer shell is inserted at the core of each battery, which is designed to melt at temperatures of 150ºC (302ºF). The shell contains a flame retardant chemical known as triphenyl phosphate (TPP), which when released, quickly extinguishes the battery by suppressing the combustion of the highly flammable electrolytes inside.



Credit: Neowin, BBC