Startup Energy Transition Network to Award Anti-Climate Change Innovators

Dena, a Germany Energy Agency is set to award startups and innovators fighting Climate Change in the Startup Energy Transition Awards 2017.

Happening for the first time, the global startup awards are aimed at attracting innovative startups and supporting them in making their visions become a key success factor for the worldwide energy transition.

Startups will compete in any of the five categories of the awards and an international jury will evaluate the applications to establish the winners.


The five categories will include; Urban Energy Transition, Cleantech against Climate Change, Future Production and Manufacturing, Mobility Meets Energy Transition and Platforms and Communities.

The Urban Energy Transition category focuses on ideas and business models can help make the urban energy transition happen and how the dynamic innovation activity around building technology can best be harnessed.

Cleantech against Climate Change is about doing more with less. It’s about decreasing the use of resources, costs, waste and pollution. The category will focus on which innovative services and technologies can make that happen and which technologies will give us better, cleaner energy.

Future Production and Manufacturing: The Internet of Things will mean plenty of new services and enable opportunities for smart technical infrastructure that saves energy and harnesses fluctuating energy generation levels.

Mobility Meets Energy Transition: An enormous amount of CO2 emissions comes down to traffic in both urban and rural areas. This category will examine new ideas and tech that reduce the negative impacts of transport.

Platforms and Communities category will focus on whether we can make the energy system of the future sustainable but also more efficient and cost-effective than it is today. New technologies come on the scene to reduce costs and make contracts smart.


Eligibility to Apply

Startups who prove that their business model can help to reach Sustainable Development Goal 7 of ‘Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all’ having a special development focus tackling energy poverty are eligible to apply.

The startup must have been founded not more than 5 years ago (10 years in category Clean Tech against Climate Change, since those business models normally take much longer) and must have a prototype of their product

One’s startup must be able to answer questions about customer benefits, their revenue model and their vision for global energy transition.

Startups applying for the Start Up Energy Transition Award will also become part of the global network present on all continents, in over 20 countries.


Three most promising startups in each category shall be invited and accommodated in for three days in Berlin for the Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival. During the festival, innovators will be allowed chance to pitch their idea in front of international investors and industry partners.

Also during the 3-day stay, all nominees will have a chance to ask for whomever they want to meet and the specific people will be brought to them.

The overall winners in all 6 categories will have an active part at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue and Exclusive access to the global Start Up Energy Transition Network.