According to research firm Oxfam International; an international confederation of charitable organizations focused on the alleviation of global poverty, Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates’ fortune is growing at 11% per year since 2009 which will make him the world’s first trillionaire in the next 25 years, at the age of 86 years old.

Gates’ whose current net worth is 84.8 billion USD (2017) according to Forbes left Microsoft in 2006, when his net worth was $50 billion and by 2016, his wealth had increased to $75 billion, despite his commendable attempts to give it away through his Foundation,” the report said.

For the hypothetical analysis, Oxfam researchers applied the rate of growth he has been enjoying, 11% per year since 2009, to Gates’ current levels of wealth.

“In such an environment, if you are already rich, you have to try hard not to keep getting a lot richer,” Oxfam noted.

In one other report by Oxfam eight world’s billionaires; Bill Gates ($75 billion) inclusive, Inditex Founder Amancio Ortega ($67 billion), CEO Berkshire Hathaway; Warren Buffett ($60.8 billion), Carlos Slim ($50 billion), Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos ($45.2 billion), Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg ($44.6 billion), Oracle’s Larry Ellison ($43.6 billion), and Michael Bloomberg ($40 billion), who own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity.