Microsoft to enhance User Privacy Controls new Windows 10 Update

One of the areas generating the most significant number of complaints has been Microsoft’s privacy policies regarding how Windows 10 gathers and passes along various information.

Microsoft has announced some upcoming changes to how it manages private information, including granting more control to Windows 10 users.

Announced in the blog post, Microsoft is building a new web-based privacy dashboard that will allow users users to see and control their data. This includes location tracking, searching and browsing histories, and Cortana Notebook data accrued through every Windows device the user owns.

Credit: Microsoft Blogs

Secondly, Microsoft is introducing a new privacy setup that both newcomers to Windows 10 and existing users will see. The new setup menu essentially breaks down user privacy data into more distinct categories and more clearly showing the effects of turning off and on settings.

Credit: Microsoft Blogs

These two updates will be first seen in a Windows 10 Insider Build for early feedback and Microsoft promises to roll them out for everyone with the Creators Update.

Credit: Microsoft, TechRadar


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