4 Essential Management Tools That Will Boost Sales and Efficiency

There are many management tools that will boost sales and efficiency in your business. These types of software applications may be standalone or integrated, and in some cases, major software vendors include more than one of these types of functionality in their flagship application.

However, the modern business must have all of these essential management tools to boost their sales and efficiency.

Project Management Software

Project management software is essential to the efficient operation of your business. Plan the implementation timeline of multiple projects simultaneously. Identify the critical path necessary to finish projects on time in advance so you can assign resources or talent to ensuring they are finished on schedule or even early. Plan your labor allocations so that no one is left idle while others are overloaded. Depending on the project management software application, it may let team members collaborate in real time, share documents and forecast both budgets and schedules. Risk management capabilities and reporting depend on the tool being used.

Content Management Systems

A content management system or CMS allows you to publish documents like blogs on a pre-determined schedule. It also allows your staff to update content online without having to work with a website administrator, such as updating FAQs or publishing new product information. Content management systems are frequently used to maintain internal documents like work instructions, human resources procedures and company newsletters.

When used properly, a content management system ensures that your internal and external documentation is kept updated and in sync. Depending on the content management system, you may be able to create new product listing pages as new products are released or update product directories immediately after SEO data shows that you need to alter product descriptions to rank higher in online searches.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management tools replace the rolodex of customers with a single database for tracking all of your current and prior customers, their order history, demographic information and patterns of behavior. Advanced CRM tools connect to social media management software, email management tools and other systems so that those interested in your newsletter automatically receive it when it is published, those who haven’t bought anything in a while receive coupon codes, and your best customers receive customized deals to make them feel appreciated.

Accounting ERP Software

Accounting ERP software is a type of enterprise resource planning software that consolidates all financial, production planning and manufacturing operations in one place. It may perform payroll functions or feed to a payroll system. The best accounting ERP software connects with your CRM system or imports that data and for immediate use.

Accounting ERP software does more than plan a facility’s production and manufacturing load based on incoming orders. It schedules the payment for materials and lets managers plan labor with a clear understanding of the associated labor costs. Accounting ERP software does far more than traditional accounting software; the latter is limited to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, general ledger and electronic payment.

Accounting ERP software adds functions like tracking intangible assets, human resources planning, product inventory and product lifecycles. It may include key performance indicator reporting or reports that are specific to auditing for a niche like demonstrating that someone meets ISO standards.


Automation is key to maintaining control of your ever more complicated business operations. Social media management and content management systems streamline publishing information internally and externally, sharing it on your schedule with those who need to know. ERP software, project management software and CRM tools help you see the state of your current operations and plan for the future while minimizing costs.

Email management software prevents data overload for decision makers and streamlines marketing efforts while giving you the data to know what messaging works.


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  1. Regarding so-called Accounting ERP Software we would like to say, that accounting, in any company, is not a main activity, except if it is not accounting agency. The role of accounting software is often overestimated. The software, what automates main processes, can boost your business, only. Not accounting software.

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