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Opera v.42 for all Users Comes With a Built-in Currency Conversion

The developers of the Internet browser Opera have released a new (Opera V.42) stable desktop version for all users, and it comes with new features worth highlighting. The biggest being the built-in currency converter tool which requires no separate extension installation for it to work.

Users currently using the browser should have got the notification to update to the newer version. Alternatively, you can check for it manually;

Menu -> About Opera -> New Versions

Or you can just download latest version from the Opera website. The browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Opera built-in currency converter

Exchange rates based on figures from the European Central Bank for accuracy, Opera v.42 offers support for conversion of 32 major currencies including; INR, USD, EUR, CHF, JPY, GBP, and other currencies. User can just select the currency on a web page and a pop-up will convert it to the default pre-selected currency. This default currency can also be easily changed as per the preference of the user.

You can disable the feature if you don’t like it all, Head to;

Settings > Browser > User Interface > uncheck box of convert currency to option

You can even change the currency conversion option from there.

Other new features

Opera v.42 has got new improvements in it’s news feed discovery, and push notifications support.

Early this year, the Opera Developers also introduced the VPN, built-in ad-blocker, and the battery saving feature for it’s internet browser.

source: Opera

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