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Uber Riders Can Now Choose Their Own Tunes Whenever They Hitch a Ride

Music streaming, Pandora Inc., in June this year announced it would partner with Uber to change the way people enjoy listening to music in their cars. The company would be integrated directly within the Uber driver app, giving drivers a simple and seamless way to discover, enjoy and share their favorite stations.

On Thursday, online transportation firm, Uber Technologies Inc. said that uber riders can now choose their own music in the car by streaming Pandora or Spotify Premium through the Uber app.

Riders who want the service must be matched with a driver who has a “connected music” icon. Once they tap a bar in their Uber app, they can log into Pandora or Spotify and their selected music will start playing when their trip begins.

Every rider that is registered with Pandora or Spotify will have access to their favorite stations right at their fingertips, so they can easily listen through the car speakers.

Uber says the program, dubbed Rider Music, will be rolling out over the coming few weeks.

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