Pandora to Bring Musical Experience for Uber Drivers

Music streaming and automated music service, Pandora Inc., today announced it’s partnering with Uber Inc to change the way people enjoy listening to music in their cars. With effect from today, the company will be integrated directly within the Uber driver app, giving drivers a simple and seamless way to discover, enjoy and share their favorite stations.

“Pandora is delivering the perfect music experience for both Uber drivers and riders,” Nick Marcantonio, Senior Product Manager at Pandora said in a statement. “Effortless, personalized and elegantly integrated into the app, the Pandora-Uber solution will transform the in-car listening experience,” he added.

“Many drivers already use music to get their day started on the right note, but it can be challenging to find high quality music that both drivers and riders love without radio ads and interruptions to the music. This integration, which will allow drivers to play music on Pandora from directly within the Uber app, will make it easier for drivers and riders to listen to the music they love,” said Bob Cowherd, Senior Product Manager for music and media at Uber Inc.

Riders will be able to personalize their experience when they are on an Uber trip. Every rider that is registered with Pandora will have access to their favorite stations right at their fingertips, so they can easily listen through the car speakers.[related-posts]

Together, Pandora and Uber are creating a seamless and collaborative music experience for everyone, so fans and drivers can easily access their favorite music, whether they’re commuting, running errands or on their way to their favorite show.

The service is still rolling out in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

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