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After releasing it’s video calling app Duo in August and was also reported later this month to have over 10 million users and downloads on Android, the search engine tech-giants Google Corp. is apparently looking forward to launch its next big messaging app dubbed, Allo, on September 21st, according to famously known online leaker Evan Blass.

According to Android Authority, Google announced their brand new Allo messaging service at I/O, this year, where the Search Giant did mentioned it was coming “later this summer”. With fall kicking off at the end of next week, that leaves only a few days until Google can meet that self-imposed deadline.

Google Allo is a messaging service that promises self-expression, Google Assistant features and security/privacy.

If you’ll recall, Allo is coming, not as a replacement to Hangouts, but as a new standalone messaging option with deep integration with Google Assistant among many other features.


  1. When I first heard about Allo, I thought: “Another messenger? Sure, Ill try it.”, but by now I have completely lost any interest in it. I’m using Threema (and sometimes Telegram), where I can reach the majority of my contacts. I’ll contact the rest via SMS if I have to.

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