Google’s Safe Browsing API now available to Android Apps

Google wants to make browsing on an Android device even safer. At Google I/O in May, the company announced it would be bringing a device-local safe browsing application programming interface (API) to developers, and last week this came true.

Google Safe Browsing is a database used by Chrome, Firefox, and even Safari as a checklist for all malicious sites on the Internet vortex. It blocks websites that contain malware and conduct phishing activities.

But what is a ‘device-local safe browsing API’? It is basically a way for developers to use the same protections that Google uses on the web and it determines whether a link is safe to visit or if it has been previously marked as a known threat on Google’s list. Examples of sites that would not be considered safe include social phishing websites that attempt to get login information from you, as well as sites that host malware. The API is aimed at being extremely easy to implement within an app.


Credit: DigitalTrends


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