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Firefox 49 Delivers New Features for Desktop and Android

Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser to version 49 on Windows and Android. The update brings in new features with one of the most interesting features being the Offline page viewing, which is available on Firefox for Android.

Firefox 49 for Android allows users to view some of the previously visited pages when their are offline. “This means you can interact with much of your previously viewed content when you don’t have a connection,” the company writes in its blog.

On Desktop version:
The update brings two major changes to the browser’s Reader Mode. This feature strips away clutter like buttons, ads and background images, and changes the page’s text size, contrast and layout for better readability.

The company has aslo added a dark theme option to its Firefox browser and also saw the removal of Firefox Hello suggesting alternatives, like Talky and Cisco Spark.

The company has also further expanded multi-process support on its browser which was introduced to its v48, which was rolled out last month.

“We introduced the Multi-process support to enable the browser to be more responsive and less likely to freeze. Our initial tests show a 400% improvement in overall responsiveness,” Mozilla said in its blog.

The desktop version of Firefox 49 is available for download from Firefox website while the Android update will be rolling out on incremental basis from Google Play.

The update is also available for Mac and Linux.

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