Twitter's 140 Characters are here to stay. Image Credit: ABC News
Image Credit: ABC News

After testing ‘Night Mode’ UI on Android in May, San Francisco based, Twitter Inc. on Tuesday official released the Night Mode feature for its Android app on Google’s mobile platform through an announcement via their twitter page.

The feature essentially changes the app from its regular theme to a darker one with a midnight blue in color and makes it more comfortable to use at night.

You can switch on the ‘Night Mode’ feature on Android in the top menu, where you’ll either see the navigation menu icon or your profile icon depending on the device you have – tap either of those, and then switch the Night Mode toggle on.

Some online reports state that the app has no automatic trigger that switches on the ‘Night Mode’ according to certain times of day or based on your phone display’s brightness.

In other sources, there’s no information about when the feature will be available for iOS users.

Android users should update their app to get this new feature.