What Your Five Star Rating Means For Uber Driver-Partners

Many riders use Uber often enough to know that at the end of a trip, one needs to rate their driver. What many riders don’t know, is how important that rating is to their driver and what impact that rating has on that driver-partner long after a trip has ended.

Uber implemented the five star rating system to ensure mutual respect between driver-partners and riders on the platform, because Uber is deeply committed to the safety of both riders and driver-partners on the platform. The system assists riders when they have a concern with a trip but is also in place to assist driver-partners should they encounter issues of their own, or even in the worst case, a difficult rider.

The five star rating system is therefore twofold, riders rate their driver-partners and they in turn rate their riders after a trip has come to an end. Riders can check their rating on the app by going to the Menu > Help > Account and Payment > Account Setting and Rating > I’d like to know my rating. The feedback system allows both parties to provide feedback in order to keep standards up and address any issues along the way.

However, these five stars mean more to a driver-partner than just a thumbs up or some constructive criticism – these stars accumulate to reflect the overall service levels of a driver-partner. So when you give a driver-partner one star, that impacts not just that one trip, but the overall rating the driver-partner has.[related-posts]

Should a driver-partner’s rating drop below average they are asked to go to Uber’s office so the team can provide the driver with some tailored feedback to improve their service for their customers. If ratings do not improve the driver-partner may have his access to the platform deactivated indefinitely. Furthermore, should Uber receive worrying feedback from a rider, the driver-partner has his account deactivated until the issue has been resolved.

Ugandan comedienne Kansiime Anne taking her first uberX ride in Kampala! Photo: Uber Kampala (Twitter)
Ugandan comedienne Kansiime Anne taking her first UberX ride in Kampala! Photo: Uber Kampala (Twitter)

The star rating also affects the driver-partner’s future opportunities on the Uber platform. Last year, Uber and WesBank launched a vehicle solutions programme that offers existing driver-partners access to a specially designed full maintenance lease programme from WesBank, enabling them to gain access to a vehicle at preferential rates, with a view to establishing their own passenger transport business in partnership and with the help of Uber’s technology. The programme is not based on credit ratings, but rather eligibility is determined by WesBank based on their established earnings and quality record with Uber. Rider feedback and star ratings are considered for the quality record.

Therefore the star rating is more than just a way to tell a driver-partner’s how much a rider liked their service, or if they were a little slow to get to a destination. Next time you rate your trip, consider what your rating means to your driver-partner before clicking on those stars.


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  1. So when the driver shows up with a 4 passenger car and you try to put 5 in, one star that driver! They deserve it!! When you try to smoke and they say don’t, 1 star that driver!! Heck yes! When you are too stupid and drunk and place the pin where you aren’t, 1 star that driver cause it’s his fault you’re stupid!! The star rating system is 100% junk! If a driver doenst want 1 stars then the skip the bar crowd or when it’s surging.
    And when Uber decides to charge 2-5x more for the fair and you don’t realize it, 1 star that driver!!
    Try to bring a drink into the ride and driver says no, 1 star that driver!
    You should be glad your dumb ass is getting a ride and you are the one that should be getting 1 star for not tipping and Ubers app should be getting 1 star in the App Store for running a company like garbage!!

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