Meet Ava; a wearable bracelet that helps couples get pregnant

Ava, a Swiss startup, on this week started shipping its $199 bracelet that tracks your fertility cycles and helps you figure out the optimal time to conceive. The company also offered the first data on how well the product works.

The bracelet uses technology to solve one of the more frustrating problems for some couples: getting pregnant. A healthy, young couple having sex every day only has a 25 percent chance of conceiving in any given month, according to The New England Journal of Medicine. That number decreases with age, health issues, intercourse frequency, among other factors. Ava aims to give women more control over the reproductive process.

How it works

The Ava has been described as the Fitbit for fertility, and it certainly makes sense why: It gathers physiological data points while you sleep, giving you up to 5 fertile days for you to make the magic happen, doubling the chance of conception.

So, instead of taking your BBT temperature or peeing on a stick, you simply wear Ava at night, when it measures everything from skin temperature and resting pulse rate to sleep, breathing rate and heat loss, which you can then view on the corresponding app.

ava bracelet pregnancy

The Food and Drug Administration-approved bracelet tracks nine physical metrics, including heart rate variability and heat loss to predict a woman’s fertile window, or the six days a month when a woman can get pregnant.

Ava also unveiled some clinical data, which found the bracelet gives you 5.3 fertile days per month with 89 percent accuracy. The company boasts it’s the biggest window out of the niche market of fertility tracking devices. The longer a woman wears the bracelet, the more accurate the prediction will be.




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